About Splura

A new underwater experience in Propriano

Splurà plongée offers you a new underwater experience in Propriano and Valinco, from Campomoro to Porto-Pollo and Olmeto. Discover our history and offer.

Snorkeling in Propriano and Valinco

Ready for an unforgettable snorkeling experience in Propriano? Thanks to the snorkeling trips on underwater scooter of Splurà Plongée, discover the fauna, the flora, and the seabed in a completely new way!

From our diving club located in Propriano, Corsica, we are taking you onboard to breathtaking dive sites in the gulf of Valinco. Before diving into the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, you will enjoy a beautiful boat ride while going to the site to be explored. 

Once in the water, using our state-of-the-art underwater scooters that are accessible to all allows you to move faster, easier, and longer underwater and to have an inimitable diving experience. It will give you time to explore hidden marine areas and discover underwater life in an unprecedented way.

Our instructors are professional divers with a state diploma, who have extensive experience of diving in Corsica and particularly in the gulf of Valinco. They will accompany you throughout your diving experience, giving you a piece of advice and sharing their passion for the sea.

The gulf of Valinco is full of amazing dive sites giving you the opportunity to discover all the wonders of the Mediterranean. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, our dive sites are suitable for all levels and for all ages, as soon as you can swim.

So, are you ready for a one-in-a-lifetime diving adventure in the Valinco? Join us at Splurà Plongée for an underwater scooter snorkeling trip and discover the secrets of the Mediterranean Sea!

What is an underwater scooter?

Discover a completely new way to experience underwater exploration thanks to our incredible underwater scooters! Whether you are an experienced snorkelling keen or a curious novice, these revolutionary devices will open the doors to a fascinating underwater world. Do you have any doubts or fears about your ability to master them? Click on the link below to read our article.

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Our history

Splurà was born from the meeting of two sea lovers: 

Sylvain, a professional diver who managed a scuba diving center in Valinco for 6 years. He was a diving instructor before that and dived in the waters of Guadeloupe and in Cargèse where he fell in love with the Corsican seabed. 

Anthony, a business owner from Propriano, has been a passionate diver for over 10 years and is fascinated by the sea. Even though he never worked in the diving field, he perfectly knows the gulf of Valinco which he visits all year round for fun.

We decided to create the center in 2023 in Propriano to provide this totally non-existent activity in the Valinco: snorkeling with or without underwater scooters. From the marina of the seaside resort, we take you by boat to dive with the state-of-the-art equipment and discover exceptional sites.

The octopus as a symbol of our commitments

It is not by chance that we have chosen the octopus as logo and even as emblem.

The octopus is considered one of the most intelligent invertebrates on the planet, capable of learning, solving problems and even using tools! This reminds us of the importance of curiosity, creativity, and adaptability when diving.

Then, the octopus is a fascinating creature that camouflages itself perfectly in its environment, capable of changing colour and texture in a very short period of time to blend in with the background. This reminds us of the importance of observing and adapting to our environment and of being discreet to fully enjoy our dives without disturbing a complex and fragile ecosystem.

Finally, the octopus is a social animal that often lives in groups and communicates with its fellow creatures in a complex way. At Splurà, we like conviviality and team spirit, and we encourage our members to share their passion for diving and to help each other.

That is why we have chosen the octopus as the emblem of our snorkeling club. We hope that this fascinating animal will inspire you as much as it does us! Do not hesitate to join us to discover new underwater horizons in complete safety, in respect of our environment and in a friendly atmosphere.