We invest in the comfort of our customers with the acquisition of a new boat

In our ongoing quest to provide an unparalleled experience, Splurà takes another significant step forward. We are delighted to share with you our latest acquisition: the Zeppelin V22 Pro equipped with a 200 hp Suzuki engine, a jewel of technology and comfort, specially designed to meet the needs of divers of all levels.

Designed for divers, by divers

The Zeppelin V22 Pro is no ordinary boat; it is the result of in-depth reflection on what the ideal boat for diving should be. With large spaces on board, it offers enough room to equip yourself comfortably, move around easily and store all the necessary equipment without taking up space. Every detail has been thought of to facilitate your experience before and after the dive.

Easy descent and ascent: a priority

We understand the importance of easy descent and ascent when diving. This is why the Zeppelin V22 Pro is equipped with a ladder specially designed for divers. This adapted ladder makes getting into the water and getting back on board easy, ensuring a smooth transition for everyone, regardless of your experience level or equipment.

Performance and respect for the environment

The 200 hp Suzuki engine not only propels the Zeppelin V22 Pro with power and reliability; it also does so by minimizing the impact on the marine environment we cherish so much. This combination of performance and ecological respect underlines our commitment to preserving underwater beauty for future generations.

An unwavering commitment to quality

Our partnership with Propriano Marine Plaisance for the acquisition of this boat demonstrates our desire to provide only the best to our customers. By selecting cutting-edge equipment and working with trusted partners, we reinforce our promise of a safe, comfortable and memorable diving adventure.

Ready for Adventure?

The Zeppelin V22 Pro is more than an addition to our fleet; it is a promise of new adventures, renewed comfort and unforgettable discoveries on and under the surface of the sea. We invite you to come and live this new experience with Splura, where each dive is a story in its own right.

Join us at Splura in Propriano and discover the difference that a specially equipped diving boat can make to your underwater experience. Innovation, comfort and passion await you.

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