Snorkeling at the islets of Capu Laurosu

From Propriano, you will sail for 10 minutes before reaching a site accessible to all, ideal for family outings, children, and beginners. With your underwater scooter, you will be able to meet and interact with a wide range of species, including rays, sargo, squid, octopus, and starfish.

You will be guided by a professional diving instructor all the way through the experience. From beginners to experienced divers, our trips are suitable for all levels. Our guides are there to help you feel at ease in the water and make the most of this special adventure.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable escape by booking a snorkelling trip with our snorkelling center in Propriano, Corsica. Come and discover the unspoilt beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and create lasting memories as you explore the seabed of this exceptional destination.

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